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Career Oportunities

Due to company growth/expansion Hyder Property Management Professionals is looking for talented, driven, and compassionate individuals to join our affordable-housing management team.   We take great pride in the quality of our staff, which we have developed and trained through corporate and agency sponsored programs focused on leadership, customer service, communications, and fair housing. Our senior management and Human Resources Department have endeavored to ensure the best possible employee benefits are made available to each and every employee. We have a wide variety of positions throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, Northern California, Coachella, at all entry levels so if you are interested in learning property management or just looking for another opportunity, we can find the right fit for you.  

Property Manager

Hyder Property Management Professionals is growing and is seeking a full-time Property Manager to oversee affordable housing property in the nearby area. The Property Manager is in sole charge of the housing community to which they are assigned.  Property managers must manage and direct operations of the housing community in accordance with the policies and procedures prescribed by the Owner, the Governing Agency, Management Agent, and Fair Housing Laws.


  • Successful candidate should have at least 2 years RD experience (Preferred)

  • Must have proven 2 years Property Management experience including leasing operations.

  • Possess strong customer service, leadership, be friendly and compassionate, multitasking, excellent communication and organizational skills and ability to manage and maintain a superior apartment community.

  • Maintain a valid Driver's License at all times.

  • Maintain valid automobile insurance at all times.

  • Maintain a personal appearance compatible with image of community, positive attitude, assertive, and a capable role model for subordinates.

  • Demonstrate integrity on a personal as well as a professional level.

  • Attentive to details.

  • Team player with a strong work ethic and ability to interact with a variety of people and personality types.

  • Solve problems involving residents, personnel, finances, and emergency situations while remaining professional.

  • Be goal oriented.

  • Experience with low income and the homeless population (depending on property)


  • Become proficient in the operation of the property computer, scanner, copier, calculator and any other office machines necessary

  • Adhere to office schedule as approved by supervisor and according to the needs of the property

  • Attain a working knowledge of the following software: Yardi and IDOC

  • Attend educational courses as directed by Human Resources or Supervisor and pass Agency-required or Employer tests

  • Become fully competent in Agency rules and procedures within ninety days of hire

  • Must be able and willing to follow all procedures in Manager’s Handbook and Agency Instructions. Maintain property in compliance with the appropriate agency

  • Supervise personnel; keep staff personal calls, social networking, cell phone usage limited to breaks and emergency needs.


Responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Implementation of the Management Plan, Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans, Agency and Company policies and the Manager’s Handbook provided by employer.

  • Review of prospective resident’s rental applications for initial eligibility. Rental of Apartments in accordance with Agency Requirements, Tenant Selection Plan and the Wait List. Completion of lease agreements and conducting entry interviews with new tenants outlining conditions and terms for occupancy along with the completion of the entire application and Agency certification. The application process for move in (when a unit is available) should take no more than 14 working days and commence no later than 24 hours after a 30-day notice to vacate is given.

  • Providing residents with their interim and annual re-certification paperwork along with conducting re-certification interviews assuring all paperwork is done on time and in accordance with Agency requirements.

  • Collection of rent in a timely manner, issuance of receipts and serving the appropriate late rent notices on time. Making daily bank deposits.

  • Walking the property at least once a week for physical inspections and vacancy verifications and one time per month at night to check lighting. Completing semi-annual unit inspections twice a year.

  • Perform and report all business and transactions to the Corporate Office on a timely basis in accordance with the Manager’s Handbook and monthly Site Manager Calendar.

  • Proper preparation and submission in a timely manner of timecards, corporate reporting and required property reports as stated in the Monthly Site Calendar and Manager’s Handbook.

  • Supervision of maintenance and other personnel which includes performance of annual evaluations and documented interim consultations. These are to be reviewed by the Supervisor prior to presentation to employee after which the original is sent to the Corporate Office to be filed in the employee’s personnel file.

  • Selection of outside contractors in accordance with the Manager’s Handbook. This includes but is not limited to obtaining competitive bids, initiating approval of contractors within OPS, and verifying and collecting insurance certificates for workers compensation and liability insurance from all contractors and their sub-contractors.

  • Handling the Purchasing process for the community. This includes but is not limited to the preparation of Purchase Order Requests, verification of receipt of purchases, and first review and submission of invoices to accounts payable in accordance with the written OPS procedures. Accounting for petty cash. Arranging for approved outside services, such as trash collection, utility service, mail service, telephone installation, exterminators, etc., as required.

  • Establishing good resident relation policies and adhering to housing assignment procedures. Promoting harmonious relationships among residents, housing personnel, and persons of neighboring communities. In resolving complaints of residents the manager must be able to handle problems with discretion and fairness in accordance with Fair Housing.

  • The position requires a great deal of personal contact with other people and agencies. Manager must maintain good working relations with the local police and fire departments, governing officials, any other community resources that are programmed and designed to assist the residents as well as owners, vendors and other employees.

  • Being available to assist, in any means necessary, for all file audits and physical inspections by Government Agencies or the Management Company.

  • Keep proper documentation of resident files, incident reports, and other events related to the property.

In some instances, the employee will:

  • Be required to be bilingual in English and Spanish.

  • Be able to report in English to supervisory staff and authorities any emergency conditions that may exist from time to time. Then must have the flexibility to follow through on the handling of said emergencies in accordance with the Crisis Management Procedure.

  • Be asked to assist in the management of other properties or the training of a new manager.

  • Need to go to court on an eviction, small claims issue or another legal situation that may arise.

  • Perform such duties as may be requested from time to time by their Supervisor or other Corporate personnel.

Regional Manager

All Hyder Regional Managers (RMs) are responsible for the overall physical appearance of their assigned portfolio of properties (portfolio). Selection of properties within their assigned portfolio may change from time to time as determined by the Vice President of Operations in conjunction with the Chief Operating Officer.

Property’s physical appearance:

The RM will inspect each property in a routine and timely manner to ensure each property is clear of any trash (properly stored in trash receptacles). Parking areas of each property will be clear of any stored vehicles or other items determined by the RM to degrade the property’s overall physical appearance. All grass, shrubs, plants, trees etc. will be well maintained.


RMs are responsible for supervising each property’s monthly rent collections are obtained in accordance with each’s tenants lease agreement. RMs are responsible for timely    collection of delinquent rents and overseeing timely delinquent notifications are presented along with timely notice of eviction notifications.

Vacant unit(s) Turns:

RMs are responsible that unit Turns are completed within customary timelines to ensure minimum interruption of rental cash flow.


RMs are responsible to market the properties in their portfolios in a timely manner, once a notice to vacate a unit is provided by the current tenant.

  • Be responsible to assist with creative and responsive advertising.

  • Provide marketing strategy to generate rentals or for rent increases.

  • Property Manager may handle his or her own advertising, if capable.

  • Assist with marketing needs.

  • Follow AFHMP for the property

Leasing units:

Ensuring profitability of the property by adhering to established expense budgets and leasing vacated units in a timely manner.

Supervision of Area Managers (when applicable):

RMs oversee Area Managers (AM) assigned to them, by supervising the AMs ensuring the AMs assigned properties are maintained at levels required of RMs and any established Hyder property maintenance policies and standards.

Investor reports:

RMs are required to make regularly scheduled financial and site maintenance reports to property investors as well as Hyder administrative management officials including the Vice President of Operations, Accounting Department Manager, and Hyder’s Chief Operating Officer. RMs will make recommended property improvements and renovations for property

owner’s review and approval.

Professional conduct:

RMs will be professional in both appearance and mannerisms, remembering they are a representative of Hyder Property Management Company (Hyder). RMs will exercise good judgment, maintain self-control in interacting with property owners or their representatives, tenants, vendors, and others. RMs will present a positive attitude in their capacity as an employee of Hyder. They will be individuals of integrity and be trustworthy and honest in all their business transactions as a representative of Hyder.

Work schedule flexibility:

RMs need to be flexible with their time and schedule to adequately address emergencies and resolve problems in the normal course of their property management responsibilities. If their properties are in multiple locations, they must be available to travel at a moment's notice either by ground or air in order to effectively manage emergencies and resolve problems and assist both staff and residents, during emergency and problematic times. Good communication skills are vital in dealing with these types of situations.


RMs must be knowledgeable and current in their understanding of all federal, state, and local agency housing programs relevant to the various properties in their portfolios and be able to provide training to subordinates where need and relevant for those individuals to properly perform their assigned responsibilities. RMs need to have a working knowledge of Hyder company’s policies and procedures applicable to their assigned portfolio. RMs need to test and pass required company and agency educational requirements. Be prepared to assume responsibility to manager in an on-site manager capacity during an emergency wherein the assigned site manager is unable to fulfill their job responsibilities.


  • Complete & disseminate monthly Compliance Reports to properties and owners when requested.

  • Perform file, waiting list, and general office procedure inspections according to regulatory agreements established for each property.

  • Perform and complete review of recertification of tenant files in accordance with established company policy and procedure for scheduled recertification of files. 

  • Approve move-in files, and recertifications for tenants in accordance with the affordable housing programs of the property.

  • Review and approve tenant occupancy, and tenant unit transfers.

  • Monitor tenant file documents to ensure compliance with agency program regulations.

  • Assist Site Managers regarding compliance issues involving owners, syndicators, banks, etc.

  • Prepare Agency inspection response letters as required by the specific agency conducting the site’s inspection.


Oversee all duties of the properties in your portfolio to ensure smooth operations which include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain budgeted occupancy percentages either established by owners or deemed necessary to adequately support cashflow adequate for each properties’ operating expense budget and owner’s return on investment criteria.

  • Monitor delinquent rents and follow up with resident managers on their collection efforts and where necessary assist site managers with the eviction process.

  • Ensure maintenance policies and procedures are followed including work orders.

  • Complete Monthly Property Inspection Reports and file reviews.

  • Provide back up and support for Property Managers and AMs.

  • Communicate regularly with Operational supervisors.

  • Review and approve various reports, resident surveys, and tenant and property notices for timely delivery and adequately prepared with required content.

  • Maintain routine contact and communications (daily, weekly, etc) with site managers or site personnel and

  • Attend all agency inspections, required owner meetings and board meetings. And be properly prepare in advance for such meetings.

Budget Control

  • Assist with preparation of budget.

  • Maintain knowledge of budget variances on a monthly basis. Assist AMs and site managers regarding budgeting variances and expense control.

  • Provide monthly written evaluation of income and expense line items that are significantly over budget and plans for bringing them under budget.

  • Provide Capital improvement suggestions for future of site and process reserve requests.

  • Approve invoices for payment in the Yardi System. Follow up to ensure they are presented timely to accounting for payment.

  • Review and explain/fix errors on rent rolls

Supervise assigned Site Team (Listen, Counsel, and resolve personnel problems to the best of your ability).

  • Perform employee performance evaluations,pay increases,counseling statements to the HR Department. Supervise

  • Where needed, assist,with evaluations and counseling statements for other

  • Supervise and ensure all counseling statements, written evaluations, salary requests are provided for review to Follow up to ensure those statements are timely submitted to the Human Resource Department.

  • Establish employment application interviews dates and times.Provide job applicants with a written job description. Complete employment files as described by company policy. NOTE:No new employee will be hired until all required documents have  been signed and approved by the appropriate supervisor.

  • Approve all time sheets and ensure hours indicated are correct, PTO time reported and signatures available.

  • Assist with training employees to enable them to perform their job responsibilities in a knowledgeable and efficient professional manner. Provide routine follow up to address individual employee performance deficiencies. 

Major Contracts

  • Interview Contractors and accept bids for approval by property owners and/ or your designated direct supervisor. Established approval amounts change from time to time so check with your immediate supervisor for how to proceed. Approvals depend on contract amount.

  • Monitor contract work.

Contracts Information

  • Various site work and other vendor contracts are routinely presented by such sources for signature.Review that the contracts are complete and cover all the needs of the project. Submit those contacts exceeding your approval limits to your immediate supervisor requesting their approval. This would also include new account set ups.


Review all safety procedures, monitor completion of monthly safety meetings. Immediately investigate all accidents, unsafe conditions and serious incidents and provide written reports to your immediate supervisor. Seek advice from your supervisor to ensure projects follow, OSHA, fair housing, A.D.A and “Section 504” requirements. Follow up on project losses and make sure all insurable losses are reported and repairs are made, and claims paid.

Maintenance Technician

Hyder Property Management Professionals is growing and is seeking to hire a thorough Maintenance Technician to undertake the responsibility to preserve the good condition and functionality of a property. You will perform maintenance tasks of great variety such as painting, plumbing, HVAC installations, landscaping, etc. The ideal candidate will be able to work autonomously and responsibly by observing all health and safety guidelines. The goal is to maintain the buildings and common areas in the best possible condition.


•Survey buildings and mechanical repair systems to ensure they are consistent with healthand safety standards

•Perform maintenance of electrical systems (replace light bulbs and sockets, clean andrepair circuit breaker panels, etc.)

•Assist in the setup of ventilation, refrigeration, and other systems and conduct repairswhen necessary

•Maintain heating and plumbing systems to ensure the functionality

•Inspect alarm systems (fire, protection) and schedule repairs when needed

•Perform necessary manual repairs (fix locks, replace windows, etc.)

•Undertake activities of pest control such as spraying insecticide

•Conduct general upkeep procedures (e.g., landscaping) and other tasks as assigned(painting, carpentry, etc.)

•Assist in budget preparation

•Move in/Move outs (preparing units for move ins)

•Curb appeal

•Work orders


•Proven experience as a maintenance technician

•Basic understanding of electrical, hydraulic, and other systems

•Knowledge of general maintenance processes and methods

•Working knowledge of tools, standard appliances, and devices

•Manual dexterity and problem-solving skills

•Good physical condition and strength

•Willingness to work overtime

•A high school diploma or equivalent; Certificate in HVAC, building maintenancetechnology, or relevant field will be a plus

•Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) is desired

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